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Can't Reach is about a girl who hopes to have her old mom back while fighting an "angel" along the way. This is a game created for fun and learning the basics of RenPy.  Though, we put a lot of work and effort with laziness into completing this short visual novel. 


  • 1500+ Words
  • 4 Endings
  • 1 CG Illustration
  • Self drawn BGs, Sprites, and Other Art Assets


  • Writing: Hanged Star
  • Editor: Denn, Kier
  • Programming: Niyu Shiratori, Hanged Star
  • Background: Niyu Shiratori, Hanged Star
  • Sprites and CG: Niyu Shiratori
  • GUI Design and Code: Niyu Shiratori
  • Music and SFX: bensound, soundbible, youtube/Mari, Alineayoutube/Musical Solutions
  • Font: Munro by Ten by Twenty - Font Squirrel


Hanged Star is not anvi. (anvi is a good artist by the way. Check her out.) This is the real account of Hanged Star.

This story is a bit depressing (commented by our friends). And so, watch out as you play--read. 


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Wowie, this game depressed the heck out of me. I don't necessarily "enjoy" playing visual novels with super serious subject matters, but I do apperciate them exisiting. The art style, backgrounds, music, etc assets, are all very good! The piano at the beginning really sets the mood. However, some of the scene transitions are a little jarring as they don't seem to be programmed entirely correctly...? I'm not sure if they were an intentional choice or just a bug. Also the grammar could use some work. I made a video with my experiences. I try to take a more light-hearted, comedic approach because, boy oh boy, I really get depressed easily by stuff like this. Nevertheless, great job and keep up the great work!

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Thank you for taking the time to play and make a video about our game, Can't Reach. We really appreciate it. We will work on the things that made the gaming experience a little bit off.

- Shiratori Niyu

Heya, this comment put a huge smile on our faces. We are nothing but little girls trying to create something. It was a huge accomplishment for having someone, even a single person to comment some nice things for the VN that we made.

- HangedStar


[Reads bottom of description] ....... Oh *Fixes https://vndb.org/s15762*

Thanks! Hahaha.